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Today marks the 10th year anniversy of...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 10:28 AM
..the time I turned 10 years old in a Juvenal Detention Center.
It was great! No sarcasm there. :D

They weren't going to take me in at first given I was just 9 years old and their youngest limit of admittance is 10 years old. However due to being a week before my birthday they made an exception.

It wasn't so bad in there. I got to stay in a cold cell with my very own slab of painted stone that came with a mat for a bed. I could read all the books I wanted. Snacks were served in a brown paper bag. Meals came 3 times a day and I got to have cake on my birthday.
Oh, there was even a toilet attached to the wall. It was very clean.
When it came time to shower, they had open stalls and everyone took turns. We only had a few minutes to shower since we were being monitored by the guards. They gave us fresh cloths before each shower.

The best thing ever was being able to come home and discover that an old hard bed now feels like a cloud.

(Current date: February 19, 2015)


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Name: Maddox Purrly
Real name: Ricky Gonzalez
Age: 20
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